Brainstorm Photos

Brainstorm Photos is a team of photographers whose combined knowledge and experience in different fields of photography will cater to all of the needs of our clients. It is our mission to brainstorm, to get beyond creative in order to exceed the expectations of our clients’ needs. We are a seething engine of technical artistry that can provide an answer to the visions that you have. If you can see it in your mind, we will produce it with our talent.

At Brainstorm Photos we strive to continually find new ways to produce images that stand apart from the rest. Born out of love for the art of photography, we take photos to immortalize the most important images of your lives so those memories can be passed down for generations to come!

Joshua Fitzgerald

Joshua Fitzgerald has a background in several mediums of art; from charcoal, graphite, and music, to oil painting, writing, and tattooing. While always seeking ways to express his creative personality, he never thought of using his artistic side to make a living on a professional level.

One day, a colleague put a camera in Josh’s hands and asked him to give automotive photography a shot. Josh was taking brochure quality photos, in no time, of all different types of vehicles and became a full time automotive photographer.

Joshua fell in love with photography and saw an opportunity to make a living at something he loves. He acquired an education at New York Institute of Photography where he was exposed to, and trained in, several different types of photography. He now specializes in Automotive, Event, and Landscape photography. He aspires to become a travel photographer, allowing him to experience all that the world has to offer and to capture cultural beauty at the same time.

Instagram: @brainstormphotoz

Jen Akins

Jen Akins is a photographer based out of Northeast Ohio.  From the time she received her first yellow and blue Fisher Price camera as a child, she has spent her life using her camera to capture moments in time.

Jen spent most of her high school career behind a camera or lost in a darkroom exploring her love of photography.  She attended Ohio Institute of Photography & Technology where she continued to study photography.  In 1999 she graduated with a degree in commercial photography, and moved on to working in the field.

In the last 18 years she has worked in all aspects of photography.  Currently she is employed at one of the largest school photography studios in Northeast Ohio.

In the future Jen’s goal in photography is to keep snapping those moments in time, and await the new adventures her camera will take her on.

Instagram: @cracked_not_broken_photos

Logan Rich

Logan Rich is a photographer based out of Ohio. With an interest in the arts and nature, photography seemed to be a natural fit.

In 2017, Logan won first place in a photo contest for “Water in Motion” on FOAP.com. In addition, he has  multiple images selected to be displayed in Getty Images collection.

Logan is currently a student studying design engineering. During his photography journey, Logan has worked with many different  mediums. Logan has since become well versed in nature and product photography. As a future goal, he wishes to continue learn and expand his artistry.
Instagram: @logan.rich_photography