The Brainstorm Photos Crew are all currently situated in northeastern Ohio. We don’t have the Rocky Mountains or Yosemite. We don’t have Pacific Ocean sunsets behind the Santa Monica Pier or the see through tropical waters of southern Florida. But we do have three things here for sure, we have rocky ledge filled forests, we have Lake Erie, and we have a host of bad ass photographers. So, when you live up north and there have been zero and sub-zero temperatures week after week after week, you go to the ice at 5am with a couple cups of stout coffee and a few  gnarly photographers and you run into other enthusiastic photographers and you get lost in your creative zone while attempting to encapsulate the totality of a virtual frozen landscape and magnanimous sunrise into a single image through the fogged up glass of your viewfinder.

Beauty is all around us at all times, it’s just up to us to look at it.

Open your eyes and look.


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