Hear No Evil Photo Shoot

Hear No Evil Photo Shoot

Brainstorm Photos was commissioned to do a very special photo shoot recently. Jen Akins killed it behind the shutter and in the digital darkroom on this one! Josh Fitzgerald helped with some post production, but this is Jen at her finest! But the ladies were amazing and fun to work with. One of the models was asked what this photo shoot represented to them. Here are her words:

“I stripped down to my underwear next to two flawless women, one of which has absolutely no idea how incredibly thin she is, very well aware of the fact that I’m much larger then them.“I would kill to be either one of those sizes…” I thought to myself.

“If I had her boobs or her stomach I’d be happy with myself…”

It took me a minute to realize why we were all standing around in our underpants.

75% of women hate their body.

75% of women have suffered, struggled, harbored thoughts, or wish they had an eating disorder.

75% of women wish they didn’t look how they look and are willing to kill themselves, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly to look the way their distorted brain tells them they should look.

We spent hours putting makeup over our already beautiful faces, did our hair, and stripped down to our underwear to show the world that this thing doesn’t discriminate. We have all suffered or are still suffering from this insanity.

There are no recorded numbers of how many people have died of body dysmorphia because it’s a quiet disease we don’t speak of, we don’t hear of, and we don’t often see.

Today, we are trying to get outside of our comfort zones in the hope that this doesn’t have to be a silent struggele.”


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Such a pleasure and honor to work with these beautiful women. Doing this shoot honestly was somewhat out of my comfort zone as well, but is something I am so glad that I did. It truly felt like something that was meant to happen. All of us were destined to come together in this artistic celebration of sizes shapes and beauty. I’m very blessed that Amanda came to Brainstom with this idea, I was lucky enough to capture her vision. Women are amazing, strong creatures, and we need to focus on building each other up instead of tearing each other down.

Cheers to that. I remember when you told me about another model saying, “I didn’t know they let fat girls model. ” I thought, but you’re not fat? I’m proud of everything you have accomplished.

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