Life seems to be a gathering of experiences that I have had with the people around me, of the memories of the places that I’ve been, and of every situation that I have lived through. I have had a lot, and I mean A LOT of  different experiences in my lifetime. From being the son of a preacher, to drug addiction, to a decade and a half in prison, to the pitfalls of failure, and up the ladder of success. Out of these experiences all of the people were there for a reason, some were only there for a season, and others have been there for a lifetime.

The gentleman in this particular photo is one of the rare people in life that understands a simple philosophy of forgiveness and loyalty. We were pretty tight for a very short amount of time, but in that time spent together we were only about two steps away from literal hell. 15 years ago we were two desperate men, searching for meaning, living by the sword, and were full throttle towards what very well could have been certain destruction of our lives.

By the grace of God, and nothing else, we are still standing 15 years later. Say what you will about the questionable decisions he and I made back then, hell I got plenty of things I would have done differently. Yet, through that period of life, he and I created a bond that can never be broken. We literally go years without speaking to one another, but get us together and it’s like there has been no distance of time between this one and the last. We are able to cut to the chase and wax philosophy, able to feel real joy for the goodness in the life of the other, able to feel the struggles and pain we have endured, and able to leave again knowing that no-matter-fucking-what we have someone real in our corner for a lifetime.

Yeah, there’s something to be said about the people we walk through hell with. There’s something to be said about a bond that defines what true friendship is, no matter the distance or time. There’s something to be said about the true definition of friendship and loyalty, and forgiveness and support. When it comes to friendship, I’d rather have 4 quarters in my pocket than 100 pennies.



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Agree 100%. The fluidity of life and the power of change is powerful; and who we walk along side with in life has huge impact. Relationships of all kinds are essential to the Human Experience.

Your growth and drive is inspiration!

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