The Future of Photography

The Future of Photography

Zakk Sheehan is a young man who has a passion for photography. His skills continue to exceed a whole new level every time he picks up his camera. If you scroll through his Instagram, @ze_zakk, you will see images of things ranging from aerial drone shots, to landscapes, to portraiture with incredibly original and dynamic perspectives .

Zakk is such a prime example of raw talent and drive. As a photographer who just got started in my 40’s, it amazes me to be surrounded by several young artists who constantly teach me new things. If Brainstorm Photos had a slogan, it would be, “REMAIN TEACHABLE.” There is something to be said about humility and an eagerness to learn.

Photography can be a difficult lifestyle due to some very large egos and the uppity attitude of a few of the high and mighty “professionals.” But luckily, that’s just one side of it. I have also found a community of young photographers, both professional and enthusiast, who stick together and offer their knowledge freely. There is an underlying system in place where the future of photography and video are being pushed to new heights. It’s truly an amazing thing to experience!

Along with the youth in the field, I have been led to several old school photographers who are willing to share their endless wisdom and techniques, their interest and time. The old school associates I have are helping from actual photography, to printing, to the business of this art form. They are just as exited about the future of photography as anyone else!

This blog photo that Zakk took should be inspiration to keep pushing down the roads that lead to our dreams. To learn all we can from whom ever we can. To remember that EVERYONE has something that they can teach us. We will meet a lot of people along the roads that we travel while searching for our purpose and dreams. We will have so many experiences and opportunities and avenues that it’s worth mentioning…

…It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.


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