Young photographers like Logan Rich are changing the game with minimal edits and still grabbing sick tones. The style and perspectives of Logan’s art and in-camera composition reach out and grab the eye and suck you right into the image.

We are so fortunate to have Logan on the team here at Brainstorm. If the raw talent this kid has isn’t enough, he does things like waking up at 3am and driving 2 hours for a sunrise, then shooting photos for hours until he gets to shoot the sunset as well. This is application to the tee.

A person can have all the potential in the world and it won’t mean a damned thing. There are institutions all over the United States where potential has a comfortable place to rot. Without application, potential will serve a man no rewards.

Logan is an amazing example of a place where potential and application meet and serve a code which gives meaning and purpose  to life. I once heard it said that there is no such thing as good luck. Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Logan is prepared and is out there seeking opportunity. We live but once. How will you spend your days?

Photo by Logan Rich   Instagram @logan.rich_photography



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